While I love to cook, there are times when I wish food was ready as soon as I walked into the kitchen. This is usually the case about breakfast. When I wake up in the morning and open the bedroom door I always hope there will be a extravagant breakfast spread waiting for me. Not sure why I always think about is, my guess is it probably has to do with being a kid and waking up to the smell of pancakes, muffins, or waffles. I wish this were the case every morning. Sadly this is not the case these days, as I have not hired a personal chef. So I will just have to make my own wonderful breakfast spread! That is what I did today and it included these wonderful pumpkin waffles.


I had some pumpkin purée leftover from the pumpkin bread I recently made and have been trying to think of a way to use it. Waffles or pancakes came to my mind and as you can see waffles were the winner! And they were a winner indeed.

I made them in this cute heart-shaped waffle iron passed down to me from my mother. Five hearts come out together and you can break them up to make single hearts perfect for kids or for stealing one as you make them.